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What's CTsmart24

CTsmart24 is a Web portal born from the collaboration between a group of contractors and some IT and management engineers
with the precious collaboration of the researches of the Smart AgriFood Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano.

The context in which CTsmart24 was born is that of Agriculture 4.0 and adopts concepts of Precision Agriculture and Internet of Farming

Precision Agriculture

    Focus on production activities.
    Objectives of Efficiency, productivity and quality.

Internet of Farming

    Integration of corporate and external digital systems.
    Efficiency objectives, supply chain integrations, intelligent use of data.

Simplify your work

Bureaucratic streamlining

Automate your work

Reach more customers

Have a greater purchasing power

Access all data in an integrated way

Decrease machine stops


A portal for contractors and more!

Subscription to CTsmart24 is free and allowas you to access the search function of machines and processes. By completing the registration, the contractor has access to his Reserved Area where he can enter machinery, employees and customers free of charge with the possibility of connecting documents and related deadlines monitored through an alert system: in practice, a management system.

Modules and features

Reserved Area Access

Once the registration is completed and the access credentials have been received, it is possible to access the Reserved Area of the CTsmart24 portal.

In this Reserved Area is possible to:

  • Complete and modify the use profile, inserting personal data and images
  • View schedule via dashboard
  • Enter operator data
  • Enter customer data
  • Insert machines with their images

Documents module

The Documents module allows document management, i.e. the schedule and the management of certifications.

Through the form you can:

  • Insert files in the schedule
  • Associate one or more documents to operators, customers and machines
  • Manage alerts and notifications
  • Manage renewals and updates directly from the portal

Activities Module

The Activities module allows the management of the daily activities of the operators entered by the operators through the Operator App.

Each activity is associated with the customer, machine and/or crop/material. For each registered activity it is possible to view up two types of quantities processed (eg: q.li, mc, ha) with possible partial and automatic summations. All the operator's activities are grouped in a daily tab where it is possible to indicate entry time, exit time and view a summary of the hours worked during the day. In addition, graphic fliters in the upper part allow you to better view the data according to customer, machine, operator and period. It is possible to export all fields present in the activity form to Microsoft Excel.

  Do you want to automate the inclusion of daily activities? You can do it with the Operator APP!

Search by machine or by processing

Document and schedule management

Operator activities management and planning

Accounting and management control

The APPs

Operator APP

No more paper reports!

The operator APP is the automatic tool that allows you to record all the daily activities of the operators.

Each operator, by logging in with their credentials, can report on the activities by choosing
the day and the entry / exit times. For each activity entered, the operator can select the
customer, the destination, the type of processing and the crop / materials.
Reporting takes place through customizable units of measure! (Ha, mc, Tons, etc.). It is possible to select break's hours, transfer or machine downtime and enter any notes connected to the report.

In addition, thanks to times section, the worker can specify the hours dedicated to processing, transfer, any break or machine downtime. Finally, in the general notes field it is possible to insert any additional annotation. Upon completion of the daily activities, the control function allows you to check the correctness of the times entered.

The Public Platform

The showcase where you can make
your machines available!

The platform where you can find
the machine you need!

Accessible through APP and Web, it revolutionizes the way by which machines are made available to customers!
Customers will be able to search for specific machinery or the type of processing they need for free via the platform! A new way to increase your visibility, your job opportunities and keep up with the times! Discover your competitors' machines!


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