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CTsmart24 is a Web portal created by a group of agri- contractors, IT and management engineers with the valuable collaboration of the researchers of the Smart AgriFood Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano.

CTsmart24 was born in the context of Agriculture 4.0, with a special focus on operations, the digitalization process and the inter-connection of different systems.

Automate your work
Simplify your work
Manage your fleet
Bureaucratic streamlining
Reduce fleet downtimes
Increase purchasing power
Reach more Customers
Increase communication with customers
Secure management of data and statistics

Complete management system for contractors

Company profile and Anagraphics

Access to a Reserved Area where you can manage your fleet, operators and customers with the possibility to monitor and manage all your documents and their validity through an alert-system.

  • Complete and edit your company profile by inserting anagraphic data and images
  • Monitor the validity of your documents through a dashboard
  • Update operator details
  • Update customer details
  • Update fleet with images

Documents module

The Documents module allows documents management, certifications and to monitor deadlines.

  • Update files in the deadline system
  • Link one or more documents to workers, customers and fleet
  • Manage alerts and notifications
  • Manage renewals and updates directly from the portal

Activities module

Activities module allows to manage workers’ daily activities directly inserted by them through our Operators APP. Every activity is linked to a customer, a machine and/or a crop/material.

For each activity it is possible to view up to 2 units of measurement that have been processed (e.g.: kg, mc, ha), with the possibility of viewing partial quantities and and autosum..
All the operator's activities are grouped in a daily tab where it is possible to indicate Entry and Exit times and view a summary of the hours worked during the day.

Graphic filters in the upper part allow you to view the data according to customer, machine, operator and time period.
It is possible to export in Microsoft Excel all activities details.

  Do you want to insert automatically your daily activities? You can do it with Operator's App!!

Operator's App

No paper reports anymore!

Operator's App s the automatic tool that allows you to record all operator's daily activities .

Each operator, by logging in with personal credentials, can report on the activities by choosing the day and the entry / exit times. For each activity entered, the operator can select the customer, the destination, the type of processing and the crop / materials.
Reporting takes place through customizable units of measure (Ha, mc, Tons, etc).
It is possible to select pause times, transfer or machine downtime and enter any notes connected to the report.

In addition, thanks to the times section, the worker can specify the hours dedicated to processing, transfer, any pause or machine downtime. Finally, in the general notes field it is possible to insert any additional comment.
Upon completion of the daily activities, the automatic control function allows you to check the accuracy of entered times.

The Agri-Contractors platform

Increase the hours of use of your fleet!

Thanks to the principle of Sharing Economy CTsmart24 freely allows you to find the machine or the specific treatment you are looking for, helping you to better manage over-work under time constraints and increasing collaboration with other contractors.
The contractors may decide to make their fleet available at any time, creating an efficient and professional Operators community, constantly evolving and improving.
Thanks to the CTSmart24 platform, the contractors will have the possibility to increase their daily activities not only with customers, but also through the collaboration with other contractors (B2B).


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